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Becoming a life coach was a fated career choice for me.

No one would let me stand in line for groceries, sit at a bar to enjoy a drink, or buckle my seatbelt on a plane without telling me their life story.

Shit got real very quick! The universe was not taking no for an answer! 

That's how I ended up becoming a life coach, weight loss coach, business coach, author, and the podcast queen of “Don’t Lie To Your Life Coach.” 

Weight loss coaching became something I wanted to offer clients after losing 60 lbs. in my 40's. Losing weight takes a huge ass sense of humor and learning to feel all your feelings. You ain't getting out of it without loving your whole self completely.

It's okay your way didn't work. If you want to lose weight, my way can get you there.

I’ve coached thousands of people around the globe about laughing at themselves more, working through their unresolved trauma, and reclaiming their personal power to make their hot-and-sexy desires come true.

Healing is tough, but it can be fun too. You got next?

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