Kim Arrington sang publicly at 4 years old. By 7 years old, she was writing her own songs. Arrington has been described by the Indy Week as ”a singer boasting an appropriately smooth and sultry voice…[Kim Arrington’s songwriting] relishes turns of phrase and unexpected details, subtle character development and sung dialog.” In 2013, Arrington released her latest musical offering, “Getting II Yes” (Collective Bull), comprised of 10 genre-bending, original songs written with co-producer-pianist-husband Victor Moore. In 2008, Arrington released her debut CD, “First Love Note of Kim Arrington” (Collective Bull), which Soul Brother Records described as, “Very good, lyrically-strong, independent soul album featuring real instruments from North Carolina singer-songwriter Kim Arrington, who possesses a really strong, unique voice.” She has sung for thousands in the United States, Italy, Switzerland, England, France, Austria, and Germany. Arrington is hard at work on her third CD, “Make Your Luck.”

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